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Benjamin Gabl - Schnitzer und Bildhauer

You need to make compromises – do I carve here or do I leave it as it is? Once carved, the material is gone forever! Artistic work you requires being true to yourself. The end-product will only be beautiful if you´re able to work without contraint. There is a daily dispute with yourself because excuses do not help you get further. The feeling of release and freedom is crucial to artwork. Here you can find parallels in real life.

Gabl Benjamin


Sculpture is an artform with a rich history

Long Tirolean winters are responsible for the specific artwork called „Tirolean woodcarving. “ It is a special honour for me to continue this old handcraft and update it for the modern world. As a sculptor, I work with old and known material but also with innovative materials. In this way, I can create sculptors for now and for the future.

My website is designed to show you what woodcarving is in my eyes is. It would be a pleasure for me to show you my work in real-life, or to make an individual sculpture for you.



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Commissioned work

I Would happy to implement your wishes and ideas in your personal work of art.

Contact: +43 660 31 33 114


You can also purchase works directly on the SALES page.

+43 660 31 33 114